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Head-On Collisions

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are among the most severe types of car accidents that occur on Douglasville roads. Victims often suffer catastrophic injuries in these accidents, including back and spinal cord injuries, head and brain injuries, broken bones, lost limbs and soft tissue damage. Tragically, many do not survive the impact.

If a negligent driver caused a head-on collision that left you with serious injuries or the loss of a loved one, you can turn to our experienced, compassionate legal team at Sherrod & Bernard, P.C. Everyone at our firm will work together to support you through this tough time from start to finish and pursue the compensation that you deserve.

To discuss your case, contact us today for a free, no-risk consultation. We provide weekend and evening appointments upon request. We are also available to meet with you at your home, the hospital or another convenient location.

Why Are Head-On Collisions So Dangerous?

Two cars collided head-on in the street.Any car accident can be dangerous. However, head-on collisions are especially severe. This is because the force of the impact is basically doubled by the speed of the two cars which crash into each other.  So, if both vehicles were traveling at 55 miles per hour on a highway, the force of impact would roughly equate to 110 mph. The effect can be devastating.

Unfortunately, many of these crashes occur at those high speeds. Frequently, they happen on rural roads in the Douglasville, Georgia area. One driver may drift across the center line, overcorrect into oncoming traffic or make a dangerous or illegal pass.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Head-On Collisions?

Most head-on collisions are caused by a driver’s careless or reckless decisions and actions. The most common forms of this negligence include:

  • Distracted driving – When a person takes his or her eyes off of the road – even for a second or two – it is often disastrous. Unfortunately, many drivers in Georgia text or talk on the phone while driving, or they allow other types of distractions to get in the way of driving safely. A distracted driver can easily veer into another lane and cause a head-on crash.
  • Fatigued driving – Driving while overly fatigued is inexcusable. It can cause drivers to misread road signs directing them where to go, and it can also cause them to steer into other driver’s lanes because they cannot concentrate well. In the worst cases, a driver may fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Bad weather and poor visibility – No one can do anything about heavy rain, fog, ice or occasional snowstorm. However, drivers must adjust their driving behavior to weather conditions by taking steps such as slowing down or using their lights. When they fail to take reasonable, prudent measures, it can result in a head-on collision.
  • Drunk or drugged driving – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Georgia is illegal for a reason. When a driver is impaired, the driver may struggle to focus on the road and lack the motor skills to control the vehicle. The driver may also have a slower reaction time. Sadly, a drunk driver may go the wrong way on a one-way street or use the wrong ramp to merge onto the interstate.
  • Failing to abide by traffic signs and signals – Drivers must obey traffic signs and signals. Head-on crashes can occur, for instance, when drivers fail to yield as directed, try to turn left at a red light, pass in a no-pass zone or fail to slow down as directed in a sharp curve in the road.

If a driver engaged in any of these types of negligence and caused a head-on crash that hurt you or a loved one, our team at Sherrod & Bernard, P.C., will work tirelessly to hold that driver accountable and seek full and fair compensation for the physical, emotional and financial harm that you have suffered.

What Are Common Injuries Caused by a Head-On Collision?

Head-on collisions cause some of the most serious injuries seen on our roads. The most common injuries include:

  • Neck injuries such as whiplash
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Lost limbs
  • Soft tissue injuries.

These injuries are can be highly painful and debilitating. It can take accident victims months or even years to recover.  Additionally, due to the horrific nature of a head-on crash, many victims suffer from anxiety, depression and flashbacks, which are symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

What Should a Head-On Collision Injury Victim Do After the Crash?

You should take several steps in order to protect your rights after a head-on crash. Those steps include:

  • Get medical attention – Most victims of head-on collisions suffer injuries that are so severe that they are immediately transported to the hospital. If you do not receive emergency treatment, then you should see a doctor as soon as possible after the accident. A timely diagnosis of your injuries will be as important for your health as it is for your potential legal claim.
  • Get a copy of the police accident report – The law enforcement officer who investigates your accident will prepare a report. The report will provide a great deal of information about your accident. An insurance company will likely ask you to provide a copy of this report when you file a claim. So, you should try to order a copy as soon as you can (or we can help you to get a copy).
  • Contact your insurance company – Even if you are not responsible for the accident, you should still contact your own insurance company. Typically, insurance policies require you to report the accident within a certain period of time, or else the insurer may deny coverage of any claim you file with it.
  • Be careful when dealing with the other driver’s insurance company – You have no duty to talk with any other driver’s auto insurance company. In fact, if the insurer contacts you after a head-on crash, you should refer the insurer to your lawyer at Sherrod & Bernard, P.C., before you give a statement or accept a settlement offer.

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