• Douglasville Motorcycle Accident Attorney Wins Big

    Case against Suzuki

    Sherrod & Bernard, P.C. clients Adrian and Gwen Johns were recently awarded $12.5 million by a Douglasville jury, the result of injuries sustained from a 2013 accident involving Adrian’s Suzuki motorcycle.

    The accident, which left Adrian Johns with a broken back and a severe spinal cord injury, was successfully argued by experienced motorcycle accident lawyer John Sherrod to have been caused by a failure of the GSX-R1000 model’s brake assembly, one that had gone under recall notice just two months later.

    According to Sherrod and his team at Sherrod & Bernard, P.C., Suzuki had deliberately delayed the announcement of the recall due to marketing concerns. Doing so, it was argued, would have affected sales during the combined spring and summer sales season.

    The verdict was handed down by the jury after a trial lasting more than three weeks, as well as over five hours of deliberation. At long last, the Johns will receive financial compensation for the pain and injuries they suffered because of this tragic accident.

    Aggressive representation for motorcycle accident victims

    An experienced Douglasville motorcycle accident lawyer and courtroom advocate, John Sherrod aggressively pursued fair and just results on behalf of the Johns, both before and throughout the course of trial. While Suzuki attorneys mounted an aggressive defense of their own, it was ultimately Sherrod and his team who won the day, convincing the jury to find the motorcycle giant responsible for both a defective brake design and recall negligence.

    According to the Johns’ attorneys and court filings, the Suzuki motorcycle recall was not officially made until long after the company had become aware of the potential problem. It was successfully shown by Sherrod and his team that, although Suzuki knew of the problem in December 2012, the decision to announce the recall wasn’t officially made until October of that year.

    The Johns’ motorcycle crash, which occurred atop their 2006 Suzuki, took place over two months before the recall notice made it to their door. The accident, resulting from front brake failure, broke Adrian Johns’ back in several places and required spinal stabilization surgery; thankfully, he has experienced no permanent paralysis.

    Douglasville attorneys fighting for you

    The result of the Suzuki lawsuit demonstrates not only the experience of the Sherrod & Bernard, P.C. team, but also their ability to fight for justice and fair compensation throughout each case.

    Experienced motorcycle accident representatives John Sherrod and Ken Bernard have achieved numerous million-dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of personal injury clients, and continue to fight aggressively and passionately for the results and compensation every client deserves.

    Although not every case is guaranteed the results of the Johns’ Suzuki recall lawsuit, you can rest assured that if you’re suffering life-changing injuries because of a car accident or motorcycle accident, defective product, or negligence of another, the attorneys at Sherrod and Bernard, P.C. are here to fight for you.

    We are the Douglasville motorcycle accident lawyers you can trust for proven, dedicated representation throughout your case. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, contact Sherrod & Bernard P.C. at (770) 920-8350 today to get the representation you need.

  • When to Talk to a Lawyer About Nursing Home Abuse

    nursing home neglect and abuse douglasville ga Nursing home neglect and abuse is a frightening idea for the elderly and the people who love them. However, unfortunately abuse does happen in nursing homes, and it is up to the families of the victims to take action. If you suspect that your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect in Douglasville, talk to an attorney. Here are some signs that you should contact a personal injury lawyer to talk about nursing home abuse.

    Your Loved One Has Injuries

    Sometimes, the signs of abuse are obvious. Look for bruises and other injuries on your loved one that cannot be explained, especially a pattern of new injuries. Be vocal about asking for information when you notice that your loved one has been injured in a nursing home, and consult with a personal injury lawyer if you are not satisfied with the explanations you receive from the staff.

    Your Loved One Has a Change in Mental State

    A sudden deterioration of mental state can also indicate abuse or neglect in a nursing home. If your previously vivacious loved one has suddenly become subdued and fatigued, it could indicate physical or emotional abuse is happening. A change in mental state may also suggest medication errors, such as failing to provide the appropriate medication or overmedicating to encourage compliance. Talk to your loved one’s doctor about any mental state changes to see if any medical issues could be to blame, and then, talk to a personal injury lawyer.

    Your Loved One Appears Neglected

    When you visit your loved one in a nursing home, does he or she look well taken care off? Is he or she groomed and wearing clean clothing? Is the bedding and room clean? Does your loved one look like he or she is losing weight without an explanation? Any signs that your loved one’s hygiene is faltering, uncleanliness in the living space, or unusual weight loss may suggest neglect. An attorney can help you get the necessary compensation for any negative impacts on your loved one and all relocation costs.

  • Signs You Should File a Product Liability Claim

    defective product law douglasville ga Did you suffer an injury because of a defective product? Product liability claims allow consumers to get the compensation they deserve when they are injured while using a product that is defective. A personal injury attorney can help you pursue a claim about defective products in Douglasville against the appropriate companies responsible for your damage.

    To file a product liability lawsuit, your personal injury lawyer must be able to prove that the product was defectively manufactured, defectively designed, or failed to include appropriate warnings and instructions. Lawsuits can be filed against any party involved in the manufacturing process, including the companies that manufactured components used in the product, the designers, and the retailer who sold the product. Your personal injury lawyer can help you obtain money for any medical bills and lost wages that occurred as the result of the defective product, as well as compensation for your pain and suffering.

  • Can Technology Reduce Car Accidents?

    A new technology predicted to be in new cars by the end of 2016 could change the way car accidents occur. This technology could reduce injuries and the number of cases you need to seek a car accident lawyer in Douglasville to settle. This video explains more.

    Vehicle-to-vehicle technology allows cars to transmit important information, like speed and braking, to other cars around it, while receiving the same information. Using this data, your car can warn you about things like someone braking hard or trying to pass so you can react faster.

    Even with new technology, consulting with a car accident lawyer or truck accident lawyer after every collision is important. Your accident attorney can explain what kind of compensation you can receive for whiplash injuries and other damage.

  • Understanding the Long-Term Complications of a Concussion After an Auto Accident

    concussion douglasville ga One of the reasons it is so important to consult with a car accident lawyer near Douglasville after a collision is because the full extent of your injuries may not be immediately apparent. A lawyer can help you get the right amount of compensation not only for your acute injuries but also the chronic complications that persist long after the initial injuries have healed. Concussions, for instance, are common in car accidents and can have long-lasting complications. Here are some of the ways a concussion can impact your health.

    Post-Concussion Syndrome

    After a concussion, many people recover within three months. However, some people experience what is known as post-concussion syndrome. Post-concussion syndrome symptoms can persist indefinitely, and they can affect people in different ways. To cope with post-concussion syndrome, patients usually require physical and occupational therapy. A car accident lawyer can help you get compensation for the time and expense of attending therapy to recover from your injury.

    Long-Term Symptoms

    Patients with post-concussion syndrome can experience a range of symptoms, including frequent headaches and dizziness. People may also struggle to complete tasks, be more irritable than normal, and generally not feel like themselves. These impacts can interfere with school and work and cause difficulties in personal relationships. Long-term memory problems can also persist after a concussion and cause people to feel like they function slower than they used to.

    Treatment Options

    Immediately after a car accident, get evaluated by a medical professional and talk to a car accident attorney. Keep in mind that concussion symptoms can take several weeks to appear, so if you develop new symptoms, see your doctor again to develop a care plan. With the information provided by the doctor about your case and the potential for long-term complications, your lawyer can determine what kind of compensation to seek.

  • Tips for Staying Safe on Your Motorcycle

    motorcycle safety douglasville ga Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating, but it can also be dangerous. Although you can’t always avoid an accident, taking steps to protect yourself on your bike is essential. If you are in a collision, talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer serving Douglasville about seeking compensation for your damages. Minimize your risk of an accident with this information.

    Consider Your Experience

    Riding a motorcycle is a skill that requires practice. The longer you ride, the more comfortable you will become on the bike, and the more adept you will be at adjusting to road conditions. When you are new to riding a motorcycle, avoid roads that are better suited to a more experienced rider. Staying on roads that match your skill level will keep you safer and help you avoid making mistakes that could lead to a collision.

    Be Visible

    On a motorcycle, especially in traffic, you are harder for drivers to see than other cars. You can make yourself easier to see by wearing a brightly colored jacket. At night, use your headlights. If you are struck by a car, be sure your accident attorney knows what steps you took to make yourself visible to other drivers, as these safety steps could play a role in the compensation you receive for your injuries.

    Wear the Right Safety Gear

    Wearing safety gear will not prevent an accident, but it will help you reduce the risk of serious injury when a collision does occur. Helmets are required by law in most places and cut the chances of suffering a serious brain injury. Protective clothing can lower the risk of injury if you skid on the pavement. Wear appropriate footwear and eye protection to protect your visibility. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will use information about the safety gear you were wearing at the time of your crash in preparing your case.

  • When to Call a Family Attorney

    family law attorney douglasville ga When you are dealing with a sensitive family issue, working with a family law attorney can help you navigate the negotiation process with the least amount of conflict possible. Just as you would hire a personal injury lawyer in Douglasville if you were hurt on the job, you should let a family law attorney protect your rights in a case involving a family dispute.

    Call a family law attorney when you are going through a divorce or a child custody dispute. A lawyer can also help you in paternity cases, adoptions, and modifications to existing custody or divorce orders. If you are seeking spousal or child support, you will need a lawyer who specializes in family law to represent you in court. Much like a truck accident lawyer or defective product lawyers are specialists in their fields, a family law attorney has the necessary knowledge of that area of law to help you come to a fair solution to your dispute.

  • Reducing the Risk of Injuries in the Workplace

    Unfortunately, injuries are common in the workplace. Suffering from a workplace injury can interfere with your ability to do your job and make a living. If you are hurt on the job, call a workplace lawyer located in Douglasville to ensure your rights are protected. Get advice on avoiding injuries in this video.

    Setting up your work station appropriately will help you avoid back and neck pain as well as wrist issues from repetitive motions such as typing. Be sure to wear the right safety equipment for your job, without exception. If you must lift heavy items, use your legs to lift instead of your back. When possible, use a dolly or rollers to move heavy things rather than trying to carry them.

  • The Basics About Product Liability Lawsuits

    product liability douglasville ga If a defective product injures you, you may be eligible to receive compensation in a product liability lawsuit. The first step is talking to a personal injury attorney in Douglasville about your case to see if your experience with the defective product meets the standards of a liability lawsuit. Here is a look at what you can expect if your personal injury lawyer files a case on your behalf.

    Product Liability Law

    There are no product liability laws at the federal level, but most states have laws that govern defective product claims. Typically, when a personal injury attorney makes a case against a company for defective products, he or she will argue that the company was negligent or that the warranty was breached. In some cases, product liability suits are founded on the notion of strict liability. Under strict liability, you can pursue damages from the person who sold or rented you the product that caused your injury, even if that party was not the manufacturer. Your attorney will determine which approach to take based on the nature of the incident and the laws in your state.

    Product Defect Types

    There are three types of defects that usually occur in a product liability case. One is a design defect, in which the design of the product before it was even manufactured was inherently flawed and unsafe. Manufacturing defects are problems that occurred during the manufacturing and assemble of the product. Marketing defects refer to mistakes made during the marketing of a product, such as insufficient instructions or inadequate labeling or safety warnings.

    Responsible Parties for Liability Suits

    Product liability claims can be made against anyone in the supply chain, from the manufacturer of the components of the product to the retail store that sold it. Under strict liability, consumers can hold retail stores wholly responsible for defective product injuries, as long as the product is one that the store sells on a regular basis. Your personal injury lawyer will determine which parties are the right targets for your lawsuit.

  • Protecting Your Rights After a Dog Bite

    dog bite attorney douglasville ga Dogs may be man’s best friend, but unfortunately, that does not mean that they are incapable of inflicting harm. Each year, many people wind up in emergency rooms with serious injuries because of a dog attack. Bites are not the only injury a dog can cause. Large dogs can jump and knock people over, possibly resulting in traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). If you have suffered any type of injury caused by someone else’s dog, you should contact a dog bite attorney serving Douglasville, GA, right away. A personal injury lawyer can protect your legal rights and help you recover compensation for your injuries.

    Gather Important Information

    As soon as possible after the dog attack, you should write down any information that can help your personal injury lawyer file a claim on your behalf. This includes the name and contact information of the owner and the individual who had custody of the dog at the time of the attack (such as a dog walker). If there are any witnesses, write down their names and contact information. If there is no one in the area during the incident, make a note of the location of the incident and the physical description of the dog, including whether it was wearing a collar. Additionally, use your cellphone to take pictures of your injuries.

    Get Medical Care

    See a healthcare provider right away, even if your injuries do not appear to be too serious. Dog bites can easily transmit infections. Additionally, obtaining medical care is a way of documenting your injuries for the claim that your dog bite lawyer may file. Inform the doctor that you were a victim of a dog attack. Be sure to save all of the receipts for medical care, pharmaceutical costs, and other expenses related to the dog attack.

    Exercising Your Right to File a Complaint

    After you obtain medical care, you can contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the incident. The lawyer can help you understand applicable state and local laws. He or she will explain your legal options, which may include filing a lawsuit. Since there is a statute of limitations on personal injury claims, it is best to file a complaint promptly.