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Douglasville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Whether it be a scooter, moped or motorcycle the open road can be a great place to be. Motorcycles can be a blast to ride, but other drivers frequently do not see motorcycles and will pull in front of them or change lanes, causing an accident.

According to statistics:

  • 11% of all roadway accidents that occur in the U.S. involve motorcycles
  • Causes of motorcycle accidents can include roadway and defects
  • A common cause of motorcycle accidents is when the motorist doesn’t see the motorcyclist due to glare or other obstructions and make a left turn while the motorcycle is going straight, passing or overtaking the vehicle

Injuries in motorbike accidents tend to be more severe because riders have less protection than car passengers. After you have been injured because of another’s negligence, you deserve to recover 100% of the damages owed to you. Damages could include medical bills, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, loss of wages, ruined property, etc. Failing to secure legal representation can be catastrophic. Insurance companies can deny your legitimate claim or underpay you. While taking a quick settlement is tempting, often, an insurance company will try to offer you less than your case is worth, with the hopes that you’ll jump at obtaining money now.

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