Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

motorcycle accident lawyer douglasville ga For many people, riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience. Others simply enjoy the favorable gas mileage. Regardless of your reasons for purchasing your first bike, your safety should be your top priority. As any motorcycle accident lawyer can tell you, riders are at a much higher risk of suffering from serious injuries and even wrongful death than drivers. If you do become involved in a crash despite taking precautions, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer serving Douglasville, GA, right away.

Understand Your Limitations

As a new rider, you may be tempted to ride your motorcycle everywhere at first. Sometimes, however, it is best to use an alternative method of transportation. If you are overly tired, absentminded, sick, or stressed out, you may be more likely to make mistakes. Even a minor mistake on a motorcycle can lead to grave consequences. Along with understanding your mental limitations, it is critical to understand your physical limitations. Excessive speed increases your risk of a crash. In a crash, speed increases the risk of suffering disabling or life-threatening injuries. Additionally, if you are involved in a crash, your motorcycle accident lawyer may have a reduced chance of obtaining compensation for you if it is determined that you were partially at fault.

Perform Quick Safety Checks

Every time you plan to take your bike out on the road, you should perform a quick safety inspection . Use the acronym “T-CLOCS” to help you remember to check your tires, controls, lights, oil, chassis, and stands. When you enroll in a motorcycle safety course, the instructor can walk you through each step of a safety inspection.

Increase Your Visibility

Some experts recommend that motorcyclists pretend they are invisible to others on the road, since drivers often do not spot riders in time to prevent a crash. Pretending as though you are invisible may help remind you to remain alert and cautious. At the same time, you should take steps to increase your visibility to drivers. Choose a bike and motorcycle helmet with bright colors. Wear a leather jacket with reflective strips. You could also consider installing a motorcycle headlight modulator, which flashes light quickly. This draws attention to you even in the daylight.

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