Motorcycle Safety: Reduce Your Risk of Accidents

motorcycle accident lawyer douglasville ga While individuals often purchase motorcycles for the fun of riding, safety should be your top priority. Motorcyclists are more likely to suffer disabling injuries or wrongful death in the event of a collision with a car or truck. While prevention is always preferable, you should also know what to do in the aftermath of a collision. By contacting an accident attorney in Mableton as soon as possible, you can safeguard your legal rights. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can also improve the chances that you will receive a fair settlement offer.

Improve Your Visibility

A motorcycle accident lawyer often represents victims of crashes that occurred because the driver of the car or truck did not see the motorcyclist. Or, the driver may have misjudged the motorcyclist’s speed. You can make yourself more visible to drivers by purchasing a bike with bright colors. You could also purchase a colorful motorcycle helmet and add reflective strips to your jacket.

Brush Up on Defensive Riding Skills

Motorcycle skills classes are excellent investments for both new and veteran motorcyclists. Passing a safety course may also make you eligible for a discount on your insurance. During the class, you will learn to safely navigate your bike through various situations.

Plan Your Escape Route

Drivers are often told to remain alert at all times to changing traffic patterns. For a motorcyclist, alertness is even more critical. Not only do you need to keep an eye on the vehicles around you, you should always have an escape plan in mind. By knowing where you will steer your bike in the event of a problematic traffic situation, you can avoid a collision. Even if you have to go off the road if a driver tries to merge his or her car into you, this is still usually preferable compared to being struck by a vehicle.

Avoid Riding Beyond Your Abilities

Motorcyclists often run into trouble when they try to ride at a level that exceeds their capabilities. New riders in particular may misjudge their ability to navigate a tight turn at a high speed or to slow down in time to avoid a collision. By riding within your abilities and within the capacity of your bike, you may be able to avoid serious injuries from a crash.

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