Common Workplace Injuries in the Medical Field

work injury lawyer douglasville ga You might assume that police officers, firefighters, and construction workers have the most dangerous jobs with the highest potential for injuries. Although these are indeed high-risk jobs, healthcare workers actually have the highest rates of workplace injuries than any other private sector industry. If you are a healthcare worker and you have sustained an injury or illness while on the job, you can get in touch with a work injury attorney serving Douglasville, GA, to learn about your legal rights and options. Your work injury lawyer can guide you through the process of obtaining workers’ compensation. If need be, a work injury attorney can file an appeal for a denied claim or a complaint on your behalf.

Sharps Injuries

You should notify a work injury lawyer right away if you have sustained a sharps injury. These are penetrating injuries that commonly involve needles, but may also be caused by scalpels and other surgical instruments. While the penetrating injury may sometimes be severe, the main danger of sharps injuries is the risk of contact with blood and other bodily fluids, which may be contaminated.

Lifting Injuries

Many healthcare workers must consult an accident attorney because of lifting injuries sustained while on the job. Injuries to the musculoskeletal system are particularly common among healthcare workers because they often sacrifice their own well-being for the sake of the patient. They must often lift, transfer, and position patients, many of whom have obesity. Even if hospital protocols call for the cooperation of multiple healthcare workers or the use of lifting equipment for patient transfers, the hospital environment is often too fast-paced, understaffed, and under-equipped to meet these protocols. Lifting injuries may be severe enough to result in temporary or permanent disability.

Assault Injuries

The hazardous environment is not the only cause of injuries among healthcare workers . Providers must evaluate and treat all types of patients, including those who are mentally ill and those who are brought to the hospital in handcuffs. Healthcare workers are often a target of violent behaviors. An assault on a healthcare worker may lead to a wide range of injuries, including brain injuries, lacerations, and broken bones.

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