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Dog Bite Attorney in Douglasville, GA

Dog Bite

When you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite or other animal attack, seeking the advice of an attorney may not come to mind. Instead, you are focused on the safety, wellbeing and medical needs of the victim. Animal bites can cause a lot of damage. The victim of such an attack deserves comprehensive coverage for the required medical treatment, as well as any trauma or suffering they may experience. Finding an attorney who is knowledgeable and can represent you or your loved one in such a situation is important.

It is essential for any dog bite victim to realize that the breed of the dog may not matter when a dog has bitten someone and caused an injury. While many people associate “dangerous dog” with specific breeds, such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, it is imperative to note that truly any breed can be considered dangerous. The breed of the dog is less important than many other factors such as experiences of the dog as a puppy, socialization, and training.

How do You Prevent Dog Bites In Douglasville?

While breeds such as pit bulls have long been associated with a high risk of dog attacks, even the smallest of dogs can become aggressive when they are scared or anxious. Dog bites can inflict serious damage and the wounds are prone to becoming infected. You deserve compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Contact a Douglasville personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after you arrange for medical care. A dog bite attorney serving Douglasville can advise you as to your legal rights and options.

Understanding Body Language

Just like humans, dogs display body language. Understanding canine body language is a crucial step in preventing an attack. If you can identify when a dog is feeling scared or aggressive, you’ll know to keep your distance. If the dog is aggressive, he or she will generally display puffed-out fur, stiff legs, and upright ears. The dog may growl, bark, or lunge. A dog who is scared may slink to the ground, place the tail between the legs, and avoid eye contact. Scared dogs are often just as likely to bite as aggressive dogs because they may feel trapped.

Exercise Caution When Approaching Dogs

If the dog appears aggressive or scared, avoid approaching him or her. Even if the dog does not display alarming behavior, it’s important to approach with caution. As your dog bite attorney can advise you, you should always ask the owner’s permission before petting an unfamiliar dog. When approaching, walk very slowly and avoid potentially threatening movements.

Responding to Possible Aggression

Even if the dog initially appears calm when you approach him or her, it is possible for the dog to quickly assume aggressive behavior. When this occurs, responding appropriately can make all the difference between going home injury-free and having to consult a personal injury lawyer. It’s important not to yell or run away; the dog will only become more provoked. Instead, remain calm and avoid eye contact with the dog. As the dog loses interest in you, walk away slowly.

What Should You Do If You Are Injured By A Dog in Douglasville, Georgia?

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but unfortunately, that does not mean that they are incapable of inflicting harm. Each year, many people wind up in emergency rooms with serious injuries because of a dog attack. Bites are not the only injury a dog can cause. Large dogs can jump and knock people over, possibly resulting in traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). If you have suffered any type of injury caused by someone else’s dog, you should contact a dog bite attorney serving Douglasville, GA, right away. A personal injury lawyer can protect your legal rights and help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Gather Important Information

As soon as possible after the dog attack, you should write down any information that can help your personal injury lawyer file a claim on your behalf. This includes the name and contact information of the owner and the individual who had custody of the dog at the time of the attack (such as a dog walker). If there are any witnesses, write down their names and contact information. If there is no one in the area during the incident, make a note of the location of the incident and the physical description of the dog, including whether it was wearing a collar. Additionally, use your cellphone to take pictures of your injuries.

Get Medical Care

See a healthcare provider right away, even if your injuries do not appear to be too serious. Dog bites can easily transmit infections. Additionally, obtaining medical care is a way of documenting your injuries for the claim that your dog bite lawyer may file. Inform the doctor that you were a victim of a dog attack. Be sure to save all of the receipts for medical care, pharmaceutical costs, and other expenses related to the dog attack.

Exercising Your Right to File a Complaint

After you obtain medical care, you can contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the incident. The lawyer can help A red gavel on a stack of law books on a Douglasville dog bite lawyer's understand applicable state and local laws. He or she will explain your legal options, which may include filing a lawsuit. Since there is a statute of limitations on personal injury claims, it is best to file a complaint promptly.

Report the Incident

Contact the animal control department for your city or county and report the attack. The animal control officers will investigate the incident and try to identify the owner of the dog.

Speak with a Douglasville Dog Injury Lawyer Today

As soon as possible after the attack, contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss the incident. Let your lawyer know that you sought medical attention and reported the incident to the animal control department. Provide your attorney with any evidence you may have collected, and keep him or her updated on the status of your health and financial losses.

Take the first step towards receiving the personal injury compensation you deserve. Our dog bite attorneys in Douglassville Georgia understand Georgia laws around dog bites and animal attacks, and we are ready to help you with your case. Contact the Sherrod & Bernard, P.C.,​ personal injury attorneys at 678-905-5478 today to set up your free initial consultation. A Douglasville dog bite lawyer can help you get compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, emotional trauma, and even pain and suffering.

John Sherrod and his firm helped me when I was attacked and bitten by a dog. He got me a cash settlement for all my injuries, medical bills and lost wages from the insurance company. I enjoyed working with John Sherrod and Regina Puckett. They were much help and very patient with me throughout this experience.

-Sametria Hargrave, Douglasville, GA

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