Recognizing Common (and Oftentimes Hidden) Injuries after an Auto Accident

car accident lawyer in mableton More than three million people are injured each year in the United States in vehicle accidents across the country. The injuries that result from car accidents are as varied as the individual circumstances of each collision, but there are some common types of injuries that appear with more regularity than others. Although most of the common car accident injuries are apparent, such as lacerations and broken bones, other injuries are not so immediately noticeable. Unfortunately, these hidden injuries are often the most dangerous. If you have been involved in a crash, look for signs of these hidden injuries and contact a car accident lawyer in Mableton to seek compensation for your pain and suffering.


Whiplash, also called a neck sprain or neck strain, is an injury to the soft tissues of the beck. This type of injury is often the result of rear-end collisions. Most people who suffer this type of injury begin to experience pain immediately following the accident, but the symptoms may also take days or even weeks to develop. Common symptoms of whiplash include: neck stiffness, shoulder pain, back pain, chronic headaches, and difficulty swallowing.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are often the result of violent and unpredictable events, like a car accident for example. Although severe spinal cord injuries will be apparent immediately, other spinal injuries may take some time to develop, or at least to be noticeable. Contact a car accident lawyer if you recognize any of these signs of a spinal cord injury following a crash: loss of control of the bladder and/or bowels, numbness or tingling in the extremities, problems walking, and the inability to move the arms or legs.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is a common injury resulting from blunt trauma, which is what happens when a body part collides with something else, usually at high speed. Although minor internal bleeding usually stops on its own, severe internal bleeding requires immediate medical attention. If you have been in a car accident and recognize these signs, seek immediate medical care and then contact a car accident lawyer to start your personal injury claim: abdominal pain and/or swelling, dizziness or fainting, deeply purple skin (ecchymosis), or swelling and tightness in the legs.

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