The Proper Way to Wear a Seat Belt


Car accidents can lead to injuries on any part of the body, including whiplash injuries, bone fractures, and many others. While not all injuries are avoidable, wearing a seat belt every time you are in a car can drastically reduce your risk of serious injuries . In fact, one of the questions your car accident lawyer near Douglasville may ask is whether you were wearing a seat belt. The outcome of a lawsuit filed by your personal injury lawyer may hinge upon whether your actions contributed to your injuries. To protect yourself, make sure you always wear your seat belt properly.

As you will learn by watching this video, your lower seat belt should fit across your lap, not across your stomach. This is particularly important for pregnant women. Your shoulder belt should extend across your collarbone and chest, rather than your neck or face. This video recommends using an aftermarket restraint and extender if your seat belt is too short. And if you do become involved in a collision, contact a car accident lawyer promptly.

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