Stay Safe on Wet Roads by Avoiding These Driving Mistakes

It’s quite common to underestimate the effects of water on a road, particularly if you’re not accustomed to driving in poor conditions. Unfortunately, underestimating the power of a rainstorm may mean that your next destination will be to the office of a car accident lawyer . Follow some basic driving safety guidelines to safeguard your well-being and protect others who share the road with you. And if you are involved in an accident despite taking precautions, be sure to contact a car accident lawyer near Douglasville promptly.

Driving Safety

Avoid Excessive Speed

During a downpour, it’s essential to reduce your speed. Even if you’re obeying the speed limit, you should drive more slowly. The faster you drive, the greater your risk of hydroplaning. This phenomenon occurs when the car’s tires lose contact with the surface of the road and begin to float on the water. It doesn’t take much water on the road for this to occur. If you do hydroplane, avoid slamming on your brakes because that’s a sure way to become involved in a crash and end up in the office of a car accident lawyer.

Avoid Drifting Toward the Shoulder

As long as it is safe to do so, steer your car closer to the other lane as opposed to the shoulder. Although you can’t see it, roads have a slight curve. This enables water to run from the middle of the road to the shoulders. Since water will accumulate at the edges of the road, it’s wise to drive as close to the middle as possible.

Know When to Pull Over

Wrongful death and serious injuries can be avoided if you make your car trip a little longer than you’d intended. If you’re caught in a heavy downpour, your wiper blades can’t keep up with the rainfall, and your visibility is poor, it’s time to pull the car over and wait out the storm.

Don’t Hesitate to Use an Alternate Route

After a sudden downpour, you may encounter a small stream flowing across a roadway. If you can’t tell how deep it is, don’t drive across it. Each year, countless drivers try to cross water that appears to only be an inch or two deep, only to find themselves swept away downstream.

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