Traffic Tickets and Insurance Rates

I recently heard consumer advocate, Clark Howard, discussing the negative impact a traffic ticket conviction has on auto insurance premiums. The news is not good to the wallet.

As one might expect, the more serious the driving offense the greater the rise in insurance rates according to a list of averages released by insurance Although these are averages and every situation is different, the numbers are compelling for safer driving.

Reckless driving and DUI violations cost offenders heavily. Aside from fines and probation costs, these drivers can expect a premium increase of 82%.

What about a heavy foot? A single ticket going 15 miles or less over the limit will cause a 21 percent rise in auto insurance costs. Traveling 16 or over the limit, it gets worse-expect a 30% hike.

The lesson to be learned: drive safe and save money on car insurance. If you do get a speeding ticket, it is well worth attempting, usually through an attorney, to get the speed reduced before pleading guilty.

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