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What do I do after a car crash? | Personal Injury Lawyers Sherrod & Bernard, P.C.

At Sherrod & Bernard, one of the frequent questions we get from clients is what to do after a car crash. If you've been involved in an automobile accident, it's very important that you call law enforcement and have law enforcement come to the scene to document that an accident actually occurred. Don't assume that the insurance company is going to trust that you can prove an accident occurred when you just swap insurance cards with that other driver and leave the scene of an accident. You need to stay there and get the accident documented by law enforcement.

You should always take photos and videos to keep a running documentary of the accident scene, the location of the cars, the people present and your injuries. We also advise that clients should seek immediate medical attention in order to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan and follow the treatment plan. Large gaps in treatment where you delay going back to the doctor or follow-up are used by insurance companies in order to mitigate your case or devalue your case.

Lastly and most importantly, you should speak to a lawyer before discussing your accident with any insurance company. When you call Sherrod & Bernard, our team can help you avoid the common pitfalls while you focus on your recovery.

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