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How long does a personal injury case take? | Sherrod & Bernard

The time that a personal injury case takes from the date of injury to a final resolution is determined by the client's time of physical recovery. We want to make sure our clients have made a full recovery from their injuries before entering negotiation phases of the case.

Once the doctor determines that a patient is through the healing process, then we will go to the next phase in handling the case, which is attempting to enter settlement negotiations with the appropriate insurance company.

Some cases require lawsuits against the at-fault driver. This happens when the insurance company involved is simply being unrealistic about settlement evaluations. Cases that are in the court system usually take longer.

At Sherrod & Bernard, we will stay in touch with you every step of the way so you know where your case is at all times as it goes through the process. You will never be in the dark about where you are with your case.
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