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How Tailgating Leads To Car Accidents

It is not uncommon to tailgate or to have someone tailgate your vehicle. This driving habit is often the result of road rage, distracted driving, or impatience. It is also very dangerous and can cause accidents that result in whiplash injuries, head trauma, and other serious conditions. If you have been involved in an accident because someone was tailgating you, you can contact a car accident lawyer near Douglasville, GA, for assistance. Your car accident lawyer is likely to be very familiar with the ways in which tailgating can lead to collisions, such as the problems illustrated with this brief animation.

When you watch this animation, you will see a driver with road rage smash into another car’s bumper. The driver then tailgates a big rig, which reduces the driver’s visibility and prevents him from seeing that his lane is ending, causing a collision. Tailgating can also easily cause a rear-end collision if the driver in front has to brake abruptly. Victims of tailgating accidents can consult a car accident lawyer to discuss their legal options.