Answering Common Questions About Nursing Home Neglect

nursing home neglect douglasville ga When you entrust your loved one to the care of a nursing home, you probably expect that the staff will take good care of him or her. Unfortunately, countless seniors suffer the effects of nursing home neglect each year. You can protect your loved one from nursing home neglect in Douglasville, GA, by learning to recognize the signs of neglect and understanding what to do in the event that it occurs. If you are ever in doubt of your loved one’s safety and well-being, you can contact a personal injury lawyer right away.

Is Nursing Home Abuse the Same as Neglect?

The terms “neglect” and “abuse” are often used interchangeably. Although both of these refer to serious problems that can jeopardize a senior’s safety, it is important to realize that there are distinct differences. Nursing home abuse occurs when a healthcare worker attacks a resident in some way to intentionally harm him or her. This may refer to physical attacks, such as kicking or punching, or to psychological attacks such as taunting or berating. In contrast, a personal injury lawyer would define nursing home neglect as involving a breach of the healthcare worker’s duty toward the resident, such as by providing substandard care.

Are There Different Types of Nursing Home Neglect?

As with nursing home abuse, there are different types of nursing home neglect. Nursing home staff may fail to meet a resident’s basic needs , for example, such as the need for food, water, and safety. A resident may be the victim of personal hygiene neglect if he or she does not receive needed assistance with teeth brushing, bathing, laundry, and similar personal care tasks. Medical neglect refers to the failure of nursing home staff to properly administer needed medications or to promptly recognize and treat medical issues such as bed sores and infections.

How Can I Protect My Loved One?

You can safeguard your loved one’s safety and health by visiting him or her as often as possible. Frequent visits let the nursing home staff know that someone is watching over the resident. They also give you the opportunity to observe your loved one for signs of neglect. If you do notice any problems, you can contact a personal injury attorney for legal assistance. However, if you believe that your loved one is in imminent danger, call the local police department immediately.

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