How Should You Prepare for Your First Meeting with Your Truck Accident Lawyer?

truck accident lawyer douglasville ga After a truck accident, you will likely have serious injuries to cope with. Your first priority should be to get to a hospital quickly, and undergo medical evaluations and treatments. Once your condition has stabilized, however, it is imperative to contact a truck accident lawyer in Douglasville, GA, as soon as possible. Ahead of your consultation with the personal injury lawyer, you can call the law office to ask if there are any specific documents you should bring to your appointment.

Take Notes About the Incident

You can begin preparing for your meeting with the truck accident lawyer before you even contact him or her. It is advisable to write down your recollections about the incident as soon as possible. If you wait to do so, you may forget important details. You can expect your trucking accident attorney to ask you questions about how the accident may have occurred, what your injuries are, and what medical treatments you require. Take notes about any other relevant factors, such as the weather conditions at the time of the crash and whether the truck driver was driving erratically prior to the crash.

Gather Important Documents

Your accident attorney will need copies of all relevant documents. These may include the police report, medical records, correspondence with healthcare providers, correspondence with the insurance company, and tickets that the officers may have issued to you after the crash. Your attorney will also need documentation of your financial losses, such as your lost earnings, medical expenses, and property damage costs, along with the names and contact information of any witnesses and all involved parties.

Make a List of Questions

You may have a lot of questions for your truck accident attorney. It is a good idea to write them down, especially if you have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that results in symptoms such as confusion and foggy thinking. You might want to inquire about the merits of your case, how the lawyer plans to approach the case, and what the chances are of settling the case.

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