What to Do if You Are the Victim of a Dog Bite

dog bite attorney douglasville ga Any dog is capable of attacking and inflicting serious wounds, regardless of breed. If you have sustained a dog bite, you will first need to seek medical attention right away. Even if the bite does not appear to be serious, it can easily become infected and you may need rabies shots. Additionally, your dog bite lawyer serving Douglasville, GA, will recommend seeing a doctor promptly to improve your chances of a successful claim. Retain copies of your medical bills, co-pay receipts, and medical record for your personal injury lawyer. In addition, your dog bite attorney will need documentation for any other losses, such as lost wages.

After you have received medical care, your personal injury lawyer will advise you to call the animal control department for your county. Describe the dog, provide the location of the attack, and provide the owner’s name, if you know it. Then, work with your lawyer to obtain compensation for your injuries.

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