Hazards that Contribute to Truck Accidents

When you consult a truck accident lawyer in Douglasville, GA, about your case, you can expect to be asked for the details of the incident. It is important to tell your accident attorney about all of the factors that may have contributed to the crash. For example, one hazardous condition that may contribute to a truck accident is poor weather conditions. Truck drivers are required to undergo intensive training and should know how to handle problems such as high winds, heavy rain, and icy roads. However, errors do occur. Let your truck accident lawyer know if the weather conditions may have contributed to the truck driver’s loss of control.

Another common hazard is driving while distracted. Drivers should be alert at all times to reduce the risk of a crash. Your truck accident lawyer should know if you spotted the truck driver using a cellphone or otherwise driving while distracted. Your attorney can also investigate whether the truck driver may have violated regulations. Truck drivers are required to get a certain amount of rest; however, driver fatigue is still a common cause of truck accidents.

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