Steps to Take If You Are Injured on the Job

substantiate your worker's compensation claim Even if you work in a relatively safe environment, it’s all too easy to suffer an injury while on the job. Many people are unsure of their legal rights following a work-related injury. It’s advisable to contact a work injury lawyer located in Douglasville to discuss the incident and determine what your options are. In the event that a family member sustained a fatal injury at a worksite, you also have legal recourse available to you. Talk to a work injury lawyer about filing a claim for wrongful death.

Seek Medical Help

The first step to take after suffering an injury on the job is to obtain medical help. If the injury appears serious, call 911 immediately for transportation to the nearest emergency room. Examples of serious on-the-job injuries may include severe concussions, bone fractures, and profuse bleeding. Even if the injury appears relatively mild, it’s important to get medical help as soon as possible. This is because your work injury lawyer will use your medical records to substantiate your workers’ compensation claim . When consulting a healthcare provider, ask about any diagnostic tests or procedures you may need. You may be required to undergo tests or procedures from healthcare providers that are within your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance network. The same applies to obtaining prescription medicines from network pharmacies.

Report the Incident

After receiving initial medical help for your injuries, report the incident to your employer’s human resources department or to your supervisor. Your employer may ask for information about the nature of the injury and how it was sustained. Depending on your company’s internal policies, you may be required to file a specific form with the human resources department. Additionally, depending on your state’s workers’ compensation laws, you may have to give your employer written notice of the injury within a certain period of time.

Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer

You have the right to consult a work injury lawyer after sustaining an injury at the worksite. Your attorney can ensure that you remain in compliance with all laws and regulations to improve the chances of a successful workers’ compensation claim.

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