Important Information About Dog Bites

Did you know that dog bites are the third most common reason why children must visit the emergency room? They’re also a common reason behind consultations with a personal injury lawyer. If you or your child is attacked by a dog, you should visit a dog bite attorney serving Douglasville shortly after receiving medical attention. Your dog bite lawyer can help you obtain compensation for your medical expenses and other losses. It’s also important to practice some safety precautions while around dogs.

You can learn about these safety precautions by watching this interview with an ASPCA representative. Just as your personal injury lawyer is likely to recommend, this video emphasizes the importance of teaching kids not to approach a dog without asking permission of the owner and the dog. To ask for the dog’s permission to pet him or her, hold out your hand for the dog to sniff. If the dog backs away or acts aggressive, do not pet the dog.

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