A Quick Look at Seat Belt Injuries

Seatbelt Injuries Douglasville

Although seat belts help save lives, and all drivers and passengers in a motor vehicle should wear them at all times, they can also sometimes be the cause of injuries sustained in a car . Most types of seat belt injuries involve bruises and scrapes; however, sometimes more serious internal injuries can occur. Seat belts have also been known to cause dislocations, fractures, and spinal injuries. Seat belts may cause injuries if the car abruptly stops or if the seat belt is worn improperly. To reduce the risk of seat belt injuries, auto accident attorneys in Douglasville recommend positioning the shoulder belt so that it is closer to the chest than the neck. The lap belt should be positioned below the stomach. Drivers and passengers should avoid placing the shoulder belt under an arm or behind the back because this increases the risk of seat belt injuries.

Unfortunately, even when seat belts are worn correctly, injuries may still occur. You may wish to consult a personal injury lawyer if you or a loved one sustained injuries from a seat belt. Your personal injury lawyer may file a product liability lawsuit against the seat belt manufacturer due to design or manufacturing defects.

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