Get Uninsured Motorist Coverage

A scary thought: one in six drivers out on the road are uninsured. What happens when you are struck by one of these law-breakers? Who pays your medical bills or compensates you for lost wages? Unless you have uninsured motorist coverage on your car, you may not receive compensation.

Uninsured Motorist coverage is the type of insurance that protects you and your family if an uninsured driver hits and injures you. This coverage also applies to the more likely scenario when a driver with insufficient insurance causes harm. In Georgia, you have the option of “add-on” uninsured motorist coverage which adds additional insurance coverage when the at-fault driver has insufficient insurance.

In a recent case, our client was catastrophically injured by the carelessness of another driver. Aside from permanent injuries, our client had medical bills that far exceeded $100,000.00. The underinsured driver causing the wreck had only $25,000.00 in liability coverage. Fortunately, our client had add-on uninsured motorist coverage increasing the insurance to $350,000.00. Our firm was able to obtain all the coverages available in order to compensate him for the harms caused, both economic and non-economic.

Uninsured Motorist coverage is relatively inexpensive. You should check with your insurance agent to see if you have this type of coverage and whether the amount is sufficient. This type of insurance could make a big difference in protecting you and your family if the situation ever arises.

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