What if an employer’s panel of physicians is improper?

An employer typically controls who an employee can treat with after an on the job accident. However, if the employer has an invalid panel of physicians, has not posted the panel in a prominent place within the business, or has not given the employee full information on the panel, the panel may be improper. With an improper panel, the employer loses control over the employee’s choice for medical treatment. Instead, the employee will have the ability to treat at the physician of their choosing and still be compensated for the treatment.

It is preferable for a claimant in a worker’s compensation case to treat with a doctor not listed on the panel. This is due simply to history, which has shown that worker’s compensation doctors side with those who are paying them. Our firm prefers for a claimant to treat with more patient centered physicians to ensure they are receiving the best possible care. If you have questions about the validity of your employer’s panel of physicians, you should consult with an attorney experienced with worker’s compensation law.

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