Verdicts and Settlements

$12,500,000.00 – Jury Verdict (Johns v. Suzuki Motor Corp). Motorcycle Manufacturer failed to warn about brake defect resulting in a crash causing permanent spine injury.

Confidential Amount – Case exposed ignition switch defect and GM’s failure to warn consumers, which resulted in the recall of millions of vehicles, civil fines, and a confidential resolution with client.

Confidential Amount – A serious accident that involved a bus driver who fell asleep at the wheel resulting in significant personal injuries to a family.

$2,000,000.00 – Jury Verdict (Hall vs. Vratsinas Construction Company). Severe knee injury resulting from construction firm’s decision to create unsafe work place. Defendant made no offers of settlement. Our firm also handled worker’s compensation claim associated with this case against another party.

Confidential Amount – Client suffered brain injury and was severely burned over 60% of his body when air compressor exploded on work truck. Case brought against multiple defendants and was pursued in the trial and appeal courts for eight years before a final resolution was reached.

$1,680,000.00 – Grandmother and Grandfather permanently disabled after distracted teenage driver runs red light and hits them head on.

Confidential Amount – Client was attacked by an unleashed animal in her subdivision resulting in permanent scarring. Resolution was obtained on behalf of client from the at-fault owner’s homeowner’s insurance coverage.

$1,500,030.00 – Motorcyclist fatally injured after colliding with flatbed trailer left parked across roadway.

Confidential Amount – Wrongful death claim involving a pedestrian walking in a designated pedestrian crosswalk.

Confidential Amount – Utility truck air compressor exploded catastrophically burning client who later suffered brain injury during treatment.

$1,000,000.00 – Tractor trailer dropped improperly attached metal ramp onto interstate resulting in a fatal car crash.

Confidential Amount – Complex assisted living neglect case involving numerous falls, unreported incidents, and violation of state regulations. Sherrod & Bernard was able to successfully demonstrate despite numerous aliments and diminished vision, the neglect ultimately contributed to grandmother’s death.

$875,000.00 – Wrongful death involving distracted driver running red light colliding with 74 year old client. Sherrod & Bernard also handled worker’s compensation case which resulted in an additional settlement that included death benefits, medical and burial expenses.

Confidential Amount – A complex wrongful death claim involving a defective railroad grade crossing with its intersection with a public road. In addition to a monetary compensation, this litigation resulted in the crossing being closed ensuring that others could not be seriously injured in the future.

Confidential Amount – Client sustained serious injuries in a drunk driving car accident in Carroll County.

$850,000.00 – Wrecker improperly backed out onto rural road causing a collision resulting in serious and permanent injuries to client.

Confidential Amount – Serious injury from a misfilled prescription by a large pharmacy retailer.

$762,500.00 – Client suffered serious and permanent injuries in head on collision. Case settled for all available insurance policies.

$725,000.00 – Wrongful death against county for failing to provide safety equipment at work camp resulting in death of inmate when tractor tire exploded.

Confidential Amount – Father and daughter hit by a DUI hit and run driver while traveling through the state of Tennessee.

Confidential Amount – Crane operator caused wrongful death by dropping plywood onto construction worker.

$597,500.00 – Client’s spouse suffered a fatal heart attack which was shown to be linked to his recent use of the prescription drug Vioxx. Our firm also handled the workers compensation death claim associated with this case.

Confidential Amount – Client’s leg was amputated three days after emergency room failed to treat a serious circulation problem, electing to send her home instead.

$541,420.00 – Client’s leg was severed when careless wrecker driver backed onto road causing horrible crash. Case settled for all applicable insurance policies in addition to funds contributed by wrecker company.

$532,500.00 – Client was injured while a passenger in a vehicle pulling a moving trailer. A defective trailer hitch malfunctioned causing the vehicle to flip resulting in multiple injuries including a fractured wrist, fractured teeth, and facial scarring.

$502,500.00 – Client’s arm was caught in machine at work resulting in amputation. In addition to settlement, client received worker’s compensation benefits, including prosthesis care.

$500,000.00 – Lumber truck rear ended client at low speed causing a permanent disabling spine injury.

$500,000.00 – Teenage client was a passenger in a car where driver misjudged turn striking concrete median wall resulting in leg, back and wrist fractures. Case settled for all available insurance limits.

$475,000.00 – Client sustained a permanent spinal cord injury at a neighborhood party when he was knocked down in a sumo wrestler costume that lacked adequate warnings and headgear protection.

$450,000.00 – Client suffered a heart attack which was shown to be causally related to her long term use of the drug Vioxx.

$416,000.00 – Teenage passenger suffered fractured pelvis in rollover when driver over-corrected after traveling off road-bed into shoulder.

$400,000.00 – Restaurant employee spilled hot soup onto face and torso of young child resulting in third degree burns requiring multiple skin grafts and plastic surgery. Structured settlement will have a payout worth over $1,000,000.00.

$360,000.00 – Client slipped on an assembly line job injuring her knee and low back requiring multiple surgeries. The settlement also included that the employer fund the sum of $628,000.00 toward future medical care. Client also received all workers’ compensation benefits due prior to settlement.

$350,000.00 – Car Accident involving serious back injury caused by landscape truck crossing median of highway resulting in head-on collision.

$300,000.00 – Client was struck head on by beer truck when driver lost control while traveling too fast resulting in spine injury. Sherrod & Bernard also handled and settled all workers’ compensation issues arising out of wreck.

$300,000.00 – Party host permitted intoxicated individual to leave event in his car. Moments later, the partygoer crashed his vehicle into the rear of a car stopped at a red light causing wrongful death of the driver. Case settled for homeowner’s policy limits.

$300,000.00 – Client had a workers’ compensation claim when his hand was partially amputated while operating an electric jointer saw. Prior to settlement, client received all workers’ compensation benefits including a prosthesis.

$300,000.00 – Child was mauled by dog causing permanent facial scarring. Case settled for homeowner’s policy limits with medical expenses of $2,697.00.

$287,500.00 – Client was rear-ended while stopped for traffic causing spine injury and partial hearing loss.

$250,000.00 – Defective design of median crossover of four lane highway where an elderly client was killed when struck by another motorist.

$250,000.00 – Vehicle improperly turned in front of motorcycle causing client to sustain a fractured leg requiring complex surgeries.

$250,000.00 – Client sustained third degree burns to his head and torso from chemical explosion as a result of mislabeled storage drum. Sherrod & Bernard also handled and settled all workers’ compensation issues arising out of explosion.

$250,000.00 – Client suffered serious injuries after being rear ended by a drunk driver.

$250,000.00 – Drunk driver runs over pedestrian causing serious injuries including multiple fractures and lower back disk herniation.

$250,000.00 – Client suffered serious and permanent injuries when she tripped and fell in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant. The restaurant had painted over a hole in the pavement, causing unsafe conditions to customers.

$225,000.00 – Client suffered serious and permanent injuries when she tripped over an improperly placed mat at a local store.

$200,000.00 – Young driver runs red light causing a t-bone collision with client. Client suffered serious injuries requiring neck surgery. Case settled pre-suit for policy limits including all available uninsured motorist coverage.

$198,000.00 – Client fell from ladder while installing a security system. After receiving workers’ compensation benefits for almost four years including a total knee replacement and skin graft, workers’ compensation case settled.

$190,000.00 – Client was electrocuted to death while rewiring a city building. Client’s direct employer failed to provide worker’s compensation insurance. Prior to hearing against city, it agreed to accept responsibility for worker’s compensation death benefits.

$180,000.00 – Client catastrophically injured spine in fall from utility truck. Employer paid worker’s compensation benefits prior to settlement and agreed to separately fund life-time medical care apart from settlement.

$180,000.00 – Client injured spine while working for utility company. Case settled including medical treatment for life after employer paid workers’ compensation benefits for several years.

$175,000.00 – Client catastrophically injured lower back and knees during a lifting incident while working for a paper company. Sherrod and Bernard obtained all workers’ compensation benefits for many years before settling the case. The settlement also requires the workers’ compensation insurance company to pay medical bills
for life.

$175,000.00 – Client was rear-ended in a work vehicle. He sustained a serious back injury, which resulted in back surgery. The results of the litigation included resolution of workers’ compensation and health insurance lien. Sherrod & Bernard made a successful argument that our client could not be made whole if the lien holders were entitled to reimbursement from the litigation, which resulted in waivers of the statutory liens.

$175,000.00 – Client was hit head-on by a distracted driver causing serious spinal and knee injuries.

$175,000.00 – Client was severely injured by passing ambulance that hit side mirror sending shrapnel into client’s face and eyes. Our firm also handled the workers’ compensation case arising from the same injury.

$155,000.00 Driver ran a red light, striking elderly client’s vehicle aggravating a prior spinal condition that required surgery. Case settled for all available insurance.

$155,000.00 Client injured on the job when his logging truck overturned resulting in spinal cord injury and multiple fractures. Prior to settlement, client received all workers’ compensation benefits including payment of all medical treatment.

$150,000.00 Client in t-bone collision when other motorist ran a red light. Client suffered a spine injury that required surgery. All available insurance was recovered.

$150,000.00 – Client sustained a disk bulge in his back after being hit by a DUI driver in Carroll County.

$145,000.00 – Client injured low back lifting steel tubing on the job. Insurance company also paid for all medical care to include setting up a fund valued at $249,000 for future care.

$140,000.00 – Client slipped and fell requiring shoulder surgery on water from roof leak at a home supply store.

$135,000.00 – Client was catastrophically injured on the job in a one car crash. Case settled after employer paid workers’ compensation benefits for eight (8) years.

$135,000.00 – Client injured on the job when he fell from truck resulting in neck injury and surgery. Employer denied claim but agreed to settle just prior to trial.

$125,000.00 – Client had a workers’ compensation claim where she injured her neck and shoulder in a lifting incident requiring multiple surgeries. Prior to settlement, client received all workers’ compensation benefits including payment for all medical treatment.

$125,000.00 – Client was a passenger when Defendant driver pulled in front of another car resulting in t-bone collision. Client suffered multiple facial fractures requiring surgeries. Case settled pre-suit for policy limits including all available uninsured motorist coverage.

$115,000.00 – Client re-injured lower back in lifting incident while working for soft drink company.

$100,000.00 range – Client was struck by distracted motorist while working traffic control for tree service company resulting in multiple injuries. Aside from obtaining all applicable insurance coverage, Sherrod and Bernard handled the workers’ compensation claim where the client received all medical and lost wage benefits due and a case settlement.

$110,000.00 Client injured on the job when she fell resulting in a hip fracture. Prior to settlement, client received all workers’ compensation benefits including a hip replacement.

$100,000.00 – Client was struck by distracted driver as he directed traffic for a tree service company. Client suffered several serious injuries requiring surgery. Aside from obtaining all available insurance policy limits, Sherrod & Bernard also successfully handled the workers’ compensation case.

$100,000.00 – Client was a law enforcement officer who received several injuries in the line of duty. Prior to settlement, client received all workers’ compensation benefits including a lumbar fusion.

$100,000.00 – Client rear-ended in car collision injuring lower back resulting in surgery.

$100,000.00 – Client seriously injured in multi-vehicle accident in Cobb County.

$100,000.00 – Client tripped and fell at work injuring her low back and ultimately requiring spinal surgery. Client received all workers compensation benefits due for three and a half years before case reached final settlement.

$100,000.00 – Client fell from truck and forced to bring case against employer for workers’ compensation benefits including payment of back surgery. After favorable trial decision and appeals process, case settled.

$100,000.00 – Client in law enforcement had a workers compensation claim from fracturing foot while responding to a hostage scene. After receiving all workers compensation benefits due for over three years including multiple surgeries, the case settled with an agreement that also included the County providing future medical care.

$100,000.00 – Driver hit when a motorist failed to yield the right of way and turned into oncoming traffic colliding with Sherrod & Bernard client. Sherrod & Bernard was able to obtain full value of at fault driver’s policy as well as policy limits of UM policies covering the accident

$100,000.00 – Client suffered a crushed index finger when delivery truck backed into her, pinning
her finger against another car.