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If you have suffered an injury due to a drunk driver, or if you have caused damages due to drunk driving, it is highly advisable to seek legal counsel and representation. At Sherrod & Bernard, P.C.​, we provide comprehensive legal counsel and representation for individuals involved in DUI accidents in Douglasville, GA and the surrounding region. Let our experienced legal team help you get full and fair DUI injury compensation — call our office at 770-920-8350 to schedule a free consultation today!

Personal Injury DUI Injury Compensation

If you have been injured by a drunk driver in the state of Georgia, you are likely entitled to compensation. In Georgia, the law protects victims of drunk driving accidents caused by other drivers by allowing them to recover damages from not only the driver that caused the injury, but also, in some cases, the establishment that over-served the intoxicated person, if the drunk driver was drinking in such a business. Schedule a free consultation with our lawyers at Sherrod & Bernard, P.C., and learn how our legal team can help you earn full and fair compensation from your DUI injury.

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Don’t leave your personal injury case in the hands of an inexperienced attorney. At Sherrod & Bernard, P.C., we have over 75 years of combined experience handling DUI accident cases of all kinds for clients across Georgia. Our legal team will provide you with personalized legal counsel and diligent representation to help you get the DUI injury compensation you deserve. Contact us today!

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