A Brief Overview of Contingency Fees


personal injury lawyer douglasville ga When you hire a personal injury attorney in Douglasville, GA, you might agree to a contingent fee arrangement. Contingency fees are a commonly used billing practice for civil lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims. With this arrangement, your personal injury lawyer will agree to perform legal services in exchange for a percentage of any compensation recovered. It’s common for auto accident attorneys to accept one-third of the recovery.

If your case does not result in a favorable settlement or jury award, your personal injury lawyer will not bill you for his or her legal services. However, you may still be responsible for paying court filing fees and any costs accrued for witness depositions. Many clients prefer to hire a personal injury attorney who charges on a contingency fee basis, rather than an hourly rate. This is because there is less risk to the plaintiff in the event that the case results in a favorable outcome for the defendant.

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