Back Injuries in the Workplace

work injury lawyer douglasville ga Back injuries are among the most common types of injuries sustained in the workplace. Spinal and other back problems can be particularly debilitating and may lead to long-term disability. If you have suffered a back injury, you should contact a work injury lawyer located in Douglasville, GA, as soon as possible. The work injury lawyer can help you navigate the process of obtaining workers’ compensation. Your personal injury lawyer may also consider whether your employer failed to implement certain safety measures. For example, if you are a healthcare worker and you injured your back transferring a patient, the accident attorney may determine that your employer was at fault for failing to provide the proper lifting equipment.

Keep your personal injury attorney apprised of any updates in your workers’ compensation case. If necessary, your lawyer can appeal a denied request for workers’ compensation. If you can return to work, yet you require modified work duties, your work injury attorney can help ensure that your employer meets these obligations.

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