Reduce Your Risk of Injuries in the Workplace


A work injury lawyer located in Douglasville, GA, can assist workers who have sustained job-related injuries . A personal injury lawyer can also help families of victims of wrongful death seek compensation. However, avoiding these injuries whenever possible is certainly preferable. You can reduce your risk of serious workplace injuries by wearing appropriate safety gear, such as a face shield, dust mask, and proper footwear. If you have an office job, consider watching this video for some tips on avoiding repetitive strain injuries.

You will see a demonstration of an office worker modifying her workstation to facilitate proper body alignment. She adjusts her chair so that her thighs are parallel to the floor and her computer screen so that it is located just below eye level. This video also recommends stretching and standing up to walk around regularly. And remember to contact a work injury lawyer if you do sustain job-related injuries or illnesses.

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