How You Can Reduce Your Chances of a Truck Accident

truck accident douglasville ga Auto accident attorneys in Douglasville, GA, often represent victims of crashes caused by the negligence of the truck driver. Although there are some crashes that are beyond your ability to prevent, there are a few precautions you can take to reduce your risk of a truck accident. If you do sustain injuries or property damage in a wreck, be sure to consult a truck accident lawyer . An accident attorney can advise you of your legal options.

Keep Your Distance at Intersections

It is important to remember that big rigs make wide right turns. This means that truck drivers often stay within the middle lane, rather than the right-turn lane, even when planning to turn right. Keep a watchful eye on the truck’s turn signals and avoid driving in the right-hand turn lane adjacent to a big rig that may be trying to make a right-hand turn.

Change Lanes Safely

When driving in the proximity of big rigs, it is usually best to avoid abrupt lane changes. Truck drivers cannot react as quickly as the driver of a car can to changing traffic patterns. Big rigs simply lack the stopping power and maneuverability of a smaller vehicle. This means that you should wait until there is plenty of space between your car and the truck before changing lanes. This is especially important if you plan to move over to the truck’s lane ahead of the vehicle.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Many cases a truck accident lawyer will handle involve the large blind spots of truck drivers. It is easy for the driver of a car to forget that a truck driver may not be able to see his or her vehicle. Maintaining a safe following distance contributes to everyone’s safety on the road. Additionally, try not to drive alongside a truck unless you are passing it. Before passing the truck, scan the traffic to determine if there are any situations, such as merging traffic, which may cause the truck to change lanes.

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