Why Should You Hire an Attorney After a Dog Bite?

dog bite Experiencing a dog bite can be an overwhelming experience. In the aftermath, most people are so concerned about medical attention and getting past the initial trauma that they overlook an important step—contacting a dog bite lawyer in Lithia Springs for help. A personal injury lawyer who specializes in dog bite cases will ensure that your rights are protected as you deal with the consequences of your injury. If you have not considered hiring a dog bite lawyer, here are some reasons why you should.

Medical Expenses

Depending on the severity, your medical expenses after a dog bite can be significant. You will have the initial emergency room costs, which include both the cost of your care and any lab work that needs to be performed. You may also need treatments, such as shots for rabies, and antibiotics to prevent infection. For severe dog bites, you may also need multiple surgeries to treat the wound and any associated scarring. These costs can add up quickly, and your personal lawyer can ensure that you are not left paying for them out of pocket.

Lost Wages

After a dog bite, you may be unable to work. When you do not work, you do not get paid, or you have to burn through paid vacation days instead of keeping them for special events. All of this happens while your medical expenses are piling up. A personal injury attorney will make sure that the people responsible for your injury are the ones who carry the burden of your expenses so the dog bite does not translate into financial difficulties for you.

Pain and Suffering

Being the victim of a dog bite can leave you traumatized. From the resulting physical pain to a new phobia of dogs, the suffering you may experience after a dog bite can be severe. If pain and suffering interfere with your life, your attorney can seek the compensation you deserve.

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