Types of Work Injuries

If you are hurt on the job, it is important to hire a work injury lawyer located in Mableton to ensure your rights are protected. There are a number of different injuries that can occur at work, but they all fall into two categories: acute and repetitive motion. Your work injury lawyer will evaluate which kind of injury you have and build your case accordingly.

Acute injuries are those that happen immediately after an incident. An acute injury might be a broken bone, head trauma, or laceration. Your work injury attorney will ensure you get the immediate care you need and compensation during your recovery. Repetitive motion injuries are those that occur as a result of performing the same task repeatedly. These injuries can include joint damage and muscle strains. For repetitive use injuries, your work injury lawyer will seek long-term compensation if you are unable to perform your usual work tasks. Be sure to contact an accident lawyer as soon as an injury occurs so he or she can start on your case right away.

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