How Long Does a Typical Case Take?

personal injury lawyer in mableton Whether you are working with a personal injury lawyer in Mableton or have filed a nursing home neglect case, there is one question that is sure to be on your mind—how long will the case take? The answer can be complicated, but your attorney can help you understand what to expect.

Each case is unique, and each category of case varies, so it is difficult to say exactly how long a case will take to settle. For instance, a car accident lawyer may be working with an insurance company that is eager to wrap up the case, so he or she can get a quick resolution, while a work injury lawyer may need more time to ensure his or her client gets the right amount of compensation. Whether your case is settled out of court or comes to trial is another factor that will impact the length of the process. Your car accident attorney or other representative will give you regular updates so you know where your case stands.

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