A Look at the Importance of Seatbelts


As any car accident attorney in Lithia Springs can tell you, seatbelts play a crucial role in keeping passengers safe during collisions. However, seatbelt injuries are also possible, so it is important to wear your seatbelt the right way. This video demonstrates the proper way to wear a seatbelt to reduce the risk of injury.

Seatbelts should be worn low across your hips and snuggly across your shoulder and chest. If you are injured in a collision, your car accident lawyer may want to know if you were wearing your seatbelt and if you were wearing it correctly. If you were injured by the seatbelt during the accident, despite wearing it appropriately, a personal injury lawyer may be able to make a claim against the manufacturer on your behalf. Remember to contact a car accident attorney any time you are in a collision to protect your rights.

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