Motorcycle Safety for New Riders


If you have recently purchased your first motorcycle, you are probably eager to take it for a spin. However, you should be aware that motorcycle crashes are a common cause of serious injury and wrongful death in Douglasville, GA. You can reduce your risk of a collision by taking a motorcycle skills course. You can also improve your visibility to drivers by adding reflective stickers to your jacket and motorcycle helmet. If you do become involved in an accident, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer right away. One of the questions your motorcycle accident lawyer may ask you is whether you were riding your bike in a safe manner before the collision.

To learn more about preventing injuries and wrongful death, watch this video. You will hear about some of the common causes of motorcycle crashes and how to prevent them. For example, always slow down when going through intersections and watch out for cars that may make a left-hand turn in front of you. This video also offers some tips on what to do before passing another vehicle and how to stay safe in adverse weather conditions.

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