Defensive Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

truck accident lawyer douglasville ga Commercial truck drivers are often pressured to cover as many miles as they can as quickly as they can, which can be a recipe for disaster. You can protect yourself and the lives of others on the road by practicing defensive driving. Unfortunately, some collisions may be beyond your power to prevent. After a crash, it is imperative to contact a truck accident lawyer in Douglasville right away. Since lawsuits often arise from truck accidents, particularly those involving wrongful death, it is essential to protect your legal rights with the help of a truck accident lawyer .

Maintain Your Space Cushion

Your space cushion, or the amount of space between your truck and other vehicles, is critical for the safety of everyone on the road . Many drivers fail to realize how long it takes a big rig to slow down or stop. If a driver cuts in front of your truck, it is a good idea to slow down to maintain your space cushion. Additionally, check your side mirrors about every 10 seconds to check for drivers on either side of your truck.

Use Your Signals Properly

One of the factors a truck accident lawyer may consider when evaluating an accident case is whether the truck driver signaled properly. It is important to signal a turn much sooner than you would if you were driving a car. Give other drivers plenty of warning about your intended direction. Additionally, be sure to turn on your flashers if you are driving below the speed limit.

Minimize Lane Changing

One of the many possible factors that can contribute to truck accidents is the truck driver’s blind spots. Even if you scan your side mirrors regularly, it is still all too easy to miss seeing cars on either side of your truck. It is best to minimize lane changing whenever possible to reduce the risk that you will merge into a space that is already occupied.

Know When to Pull Over

There are legal requirements in place pertaining to working hours for truck drivers. Your employer may have additional requirements designed to promote safety on the roadways. It is imperative to follow these regulations by resting when required to do so. Additionally, you need to pull over between scheduled breaks if you find yourself yawning frequently or having trouble keeping your eyes open.

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