Talking to Your Teen About Avoiding Truck Accidents

If you’re like many parents, you’ve probably experienced anxiety when your teen became old enough to learn how to drive. There’s a valid reason for that; due to their inexperience, teens are at a high risk of getting involved in collisions and requiring the services of a car accident lawyer . There are many safety issues you can discuss with your teen to reduce the risk of Douglasville whiplash injuries and other car crash problems. One of those issues is the importance of exercising heightened caution when driving in close proximity to big rigs.

Truck Accident Lawyer in Douglasville Discuss Blind Spots

Teens may not always check their blind spots before merging into traffic or changing lanes, a mistake that may sometimes prove deadly. However, as a car accident lawyer can inform you, teens need to be aware that other drivers also have blind spots. Truckers in particular have much larger blind spots. Let your teen know that if he or she is driving directly behind a big rig , the trucker will have no idea that the car is there. The same is true of cars traveling directly in front of the truck when insufficient space is left between the vehicles. Likewise, truckers cannot see drivers who are passing their trucks until the car is roughly parallel with the cab.

Explain the Need for Space

An accident attorney often reviews cases in which a collision occurred because insufficient space was left between vehicles. Talk to your teen about how to assess the right amount of space between his or her car and a big rig. They should be aware that because trucks are so much heavier than cars, they require a great deal more space to stop. It’s wise for teens to avoid driving in front of large trucks or to leave plenty of space between vehicles if they do. If a teen brakes abruptly, a truck driver may not have enough time to accommodate the sudden change in speed.

Encourage Frequent Practice

An effective way to improve your teen’s traffic safety savvy is to have him or her practice driving frequently. Take your teen to a nearby highway and have him or her practice merging into traffic, changing lanes, and driving safely near other vehicles.

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