How Is Whiplash Treated After an Auto Accident?

Douglasville whiplash injuries can cause mild to severe symptoms, such as neck pain. For most people with whiplash injuries, symptoms resolve within a year. For others, the symptoms persist and require the help of a specialist. Your car accident lawyer may urge you to see a physician as soon as possible after the crash. A doctor may prescribe pain medications and refer you to a physical therapist. It can also be helpful to apply a cold pack to the neck. After the first 48 hours following the crash, you can alternate cold therapy with heat therapy several times per day.

Hear more about whiplash and its treatments by watching this animation. You’ll see a demonstration of how whiplash injuries can occur and you’ll learn what symptoms may arise. Be sure to tell your car accident lawyer about all of your symptoms and how they’ve affected your daily routine.

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