Exploring How Cars and Motorcycles Can Safely Share the Road

Auto accident attorneys in Douglasville urge motorcyclists and drivers to share the road with each other safely to prevent wrongful death and serious injuries. It’s important to remember that the same rights and responsibilities apply equally to both motorcyclists and drivers. To promote road safety, a car accident lawyer would recommend carefully following the rules of the road and being mindful of other vehicles.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Identifying Common Problems

Being aware of the common ways in which a collision occurs between cars and motorcycles is the first step toward improving safety. A car accident lawyer often sees clients who have suffered from crash injuries because a driver was following too closely behind a motorcycle. Drivers also commonly misjudge the speed of a motorcycle and its distance away from a car. Motorcyclists are not always fault-free, however. While enjoying the freedom of the open road, motorcyclists may neglect basic safety by driving in a reckless manner or by failing to be mindful of changing traffic patterns.

Following Safety Tips for Drivers

Drivers who are in a hurry can pose a serious risk to motorcyclists. It’s critical that drivers avoid using excessive speed and leave plenty of space between the car and any other vehicles, including bikes. When yielding right of way at an intersection in which opposing traffic does not have a stop sign, drivers should beware misleading turn signals. The turn signals on a motorcycle do not automatically shut off after the bike completes a turn. Therefore, even if a motorcyclist has a right-hand turn signal on, drivers should wait to be sure that the bike is actually turning before proceeding. Additionally, drivers should check all blind spots before merging into traffic or changing lanes.

Following Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Although a personal injury lawyer often finds that crashes involving motorcycles and cars are frequently the fault of the driver, motorcyclists also have a responsibility to obey traffic rules. They should always use turn signals when appropriate and avoid excessive speed. To improve visibility, motorcyclists are advised to ride in the center of the lane, use reflective tape, and wear brightly colored clothing. Additionally, wearing a DOT-approved helmet is essential.

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