Tips for Preventing Dog Bites

Dogs are friendly, lovable companions. Unfortunately, even the gentlest of dogs can bite, particularly if that dog is frightened, ill, or in pain. The number of individuals who have required the help of a personal injury lawyer because of a dog bite has skyrocketed in recent years. Although a personal injury lawyer can help recover compensation for medical bills, it’s preferable to prevent a bite from occurring in the first place.

If you’ve recently consulted a dog bite attorney, you may wish to watch this video on bite prevention. You’ll learn a helpful acronym – WAIT – to teach children about dog safety. This acronym can remind children to ask the owner for permission to pet the dog, to ask permission of the dog, and to pet the dog properly. These basic rules can help improve safety; however, if a bite does occur, you should contact a dog bite attorney serving Douglasville promptly.

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