Will My Car Insurance Go Up After a Wreck Not My Fault?

In handling car collision cases, I see this question almost every day. Clients are reluctant to use their insurance despite paying for it. You, however, can rest assured that it is acceptable to make a claim against your own insurance carrier when the other driver is at-fault with no repercussions to you.

Typically, medical payment and uninsured motorist insurance claims should be filed when another motorist causes a wreck. Medical Payment insurance pays medical bills for anyone injured in your vehicle up to the policy amount. Uninsured Motorist coverage protects you against injuries caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. Your claims for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages are paid by your Uninsured Motorist carrier when the at-fault driver is not adequately insured.

When you choose to use these coverages, it will not hurt your rate, increase your premium, or result in an insurance cancellation. In fact, according to Georgia law, (O.C.G.A. §33-9-40,) it is illegal for your insurance company to either raise your rates or cancel your policy if you make a claim due to an accident that occurred outside of your control.

It is important to note, that if a claim is made following an accident in which you are cited as, or determined to be the at-fault driver, the above statute does not apply. Conversely, you pay a premium for Medical Payment and Uninsured Motorist coverages and should use this insurance when the occasion occurs.

At our firm, we will investigate all insurance available to you in order to file the appropriate claims. It is our job to maximize your recovery when you are injured by an irresponsible driver.

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