Dog Bite: Do I need legal assistance?

By Emily Davison

When you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite, seeking the advice of an attorney may not come to mind. Instead, you are focused on the safety, well being and medical needs of the victim. The victim of such an attack deserves comprehensive coverage for the required medical treatment, as well as any trauma or suffering they may experience. Finding an attorney who is knowledgeable and can represent you or your loved one in such a situation is important.

It is essential for any dog bite victim to realize that the breed of the dog may not matter when a bite has occurred. While many people associate “dangerous dog” with specific breeds, such as Pitt Bulls and Rottweilers, it is imperative to note that truly any breed can be considered dangerous. The breed of the dog is less important than many other factors such as experiences of the dog as a puppy, socialization, and training.

If a dog bite occurs:

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